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When You Reach 24...

1) You will realize having a lot of friends doesn't matter as much as those who are truly concern of you and holds you close to their hearts.

2) You will stop living the fairytale bliss; relationships should be like this, friendships should be like this, kinship should be like this, life should be like this.

3) As you look around you, many of your friends know what they want and had achieved their dreams while you are still searching for it; you will step out of your comfort zone.

4) Sure enough, you will stumble and fall while growing up. Nothing to be embarrassed or sad of. You will learn from it and embrace the fact that it is part and parcel of life.

5) You will grow tired of fake smiles and fake/childish conversations that doesn't matter. It is okay to have your say and view. You will break away from being a yes-sayer.

6) Dreams will change; it's okay. Just ensure it is achievable and it is your own.

7) You will realize it's okay to stop living up to people's…

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